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Every day is special!

We want your smile to reflect your day?

In this first blog, I would like to officially announce our new office name, Saratoga Smile Care and share with you a few thoughts. As an entire office we care that your smile reflects who you really are and that your smile reflects the specialness of every day of your life.

We care for your health and happiness by constantly striving to deliver exceptional dental care and sharing with you knowledge of your oral health and overall health. Periodically, life reminds us of what is important and that every day is special. We care about your freedom to smile spontaneously; to chew comfortably; to breathe deeply; to eat healthily; to sleep soundly; to walk confidently; to laugh wholeheartedly; and, to rest peacefully. We care that you smile on life often and that your sense of happiness is shared with the world. Our office is all about caring because throughout my career of dentistry I have learned that what I do, what I have to offer, and what I am constantly learning is how to care for others more and more. So we invite you to join with us in life’s journey of caring. Smile On!!

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