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Cracked Teeth

A chipped, broken teeth can be caused by an injury, but did you know that they can be more likely due to an underlying functional problem or defected filing restoration? Did you know that your teeth might be cracked and you will not know it. By scheduling an appointment with Saratoga Springs’ dentist Dr. Moreau a thorough evaluation will be conducted to determine the extent of the tooth breakage and evaluate for any teeth that are susceptible to crack.

Teeth that are worn or break repeatedly, even after treatment, are most commonly caused by occlusal disease. Teeth that are not in proper alignment or when there is a habit of grinding or clenching are more prone to fracture. Teeth that have large aging and defective restorations may have crack lines extending from these restorations into the surrounding tooth.

Cracked Teeth

Did you know that fillings age, become defective and have bacterial leakage adjacent to the them which leads to decay and crack lines extending into the tooth? These crack lines are precursors of fracture of the tooth. Routine dental cleaning and examination are necessary to periodically evaluate the integrity of the existing restorations and surrounding tooth structure.

Chipped Tooth

If you have a tooth that is chipped, cracked because of injury or accident, call Dr. Moreau’s office immediately and we evaluate the situation and offer you many options. If the tooth chip is minor, a simple composite restoration can be placed to create a seamless repair. If the breakage is more significant the tooth may require a porcelain crown or veneer for strength. If the is significant discomfort with the breakage, root canal treatment or extraction might be indicated.

Recurrent Broken Teeth

If you have teeth that have broken over and over again, even after dental treatment, you have an underlying occlusal disease problem. Improper alignment of teeth, causes an unevenness in bite with a subsequent uneven wear of teeth or breakage. Generalized wear of your teeth, loosening of teeth, or breakage of teeth is the result of the hyperactivity of your chewing muscles usually without your awareness. An evaluation with Dr. Moreau will enlighten you of the various components of occlusal disease that are putting your teeth, gums and jaw joint at risk.

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