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Snap Cosmetic Dental Imaging

What would your smile look like if your teeth were straighter or whiter? Saratoga Springs’s premier cosmetic dentist, Dr. Moreau is proud to offer Snap Dental Imaging system as way for you to see what your new smile might look like in less than five minutes!

What is Snap Cosmetic Imaging?

Snap Dental Imaging is a software program that allows Dr. Moreau and his patients to review what a new smile might look like in a manner of minutes. First, Dr. Moreau takes a digital photo of your smile and enters it into the Snap computer program. Next, he will select the proposed cosmetic changes to be performed on the photo image. In a few minutes, you will be able to see a side-by-side comparison of what your new smile might look like.

Personalized before and after cosmetic dentistry photos will help you see the benefits of treatment before you actuality commit yourself to any treatment. They will allow you to emotionally experience how a beautiful, natural smile feels before actually having any treatment. It couldn’t be any easier to really begin to feel what a more attractive smile could feel like.

Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation includes:

  • Complete examination
  • Review your desire for a new smile
  • Preview your new smile photos with Snap Dental Imaging
  • Establish a custom cosmetic dentistry treatment plan with options

Why wait any longer?

You no longer need to settle with an ordinary smile when seeing what a beautiful smile could feel like is five minutes away. With Snap Cosmetic Imaging no longer do you have to wonder what your new smile will look like. Make an appointment today to take advantage of our complimentary cosmetic dentistry consultation to explore your options. Call 518-584-6768 or click here to request an appointment online.

Schedule You Complimentary Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation Today!

First impressions last. Don’t let crooked teeth leave the wrong impression. With Snap Cosmetic Imaging you don’t have to wonder what your new smile might look like. Call Saratoga Smile Care today at 518-584-6768 or request an appointment on line.

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