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Root Canal

There is nothing like having discomfort or pain in your mouth. But don’t let fear keep you from getting treatment. You are in good hands with Saratoga Springs’s dentist, Dr. Moreau who has a gentle touch to ensure you that your dental treatments are pain-free. Yes, even when your tooth needs a root canal.

What is a Root Canal?

Each tooth is made of several layers. The outside part of the tooth is referred to as enamel; the more sensitive underlying layer is referred to as the dentin; and the inner layer is soft tissue referred to as the pulp. This soft tissue can become infected due to decay, cracks in the tooth or some other type of traumatic injury. Root canal treatment is simply a procedure that removes the infected soft tissue, thoroughly disinfects the inside of tooth and a biologically-inert filling material replaces the soft tissue. The tooth is then sealed with a filling from further infection and a subsequent crown if needed. As infection grows throughout the soft tissue pressure is built up inside the tooth and pain occurs. Root canals are a conservative treatment and with today’s anesthetics are quite comfortable.

Why do I have pain with my tooth?

When the soft tissue inside the tooth becomes infected there is an increased blood flow into the tooth creating pressure within the tooth causing subsequent discomfort. Sometimes the area around the tooth can become so infected that it causes swelling of the gums.

Is root canal treatment predictable?

Root canal treatment is a conservative and very predictable procedure that has a 95% success rate. Occasionally, root canal treatment may become reinfected for a number of reasons, but the most deleterious reason is a crack in the root structure. When this unfortunately occurs, extraction is the prescribed treatment followed by an implant placement.

Does the tooth need further treatment after a root canal?

After a root canal treatment the tooth is more susceptible to fracture and to prevent this possibility Dr. Moreau recommends a dental crown to encapsulate the tooth and protect the tooth and root canal treatment.

If you are having tooth pain call Dr. Moreau as Saratoga Smile Care where a gentle touch awaits you. With Dr. Moreau you are in good hands. Call 518-584-6768

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