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Orthodontics is that branch of dentistry that deals with straightening teeth and can be performed on a patient of any age; in fact 1 out or every 5 orthodontic patients are adults. Dr. Moreau has had extensive post graduate training in orthodontics and has incorporated it into his cosmetic practice for over 30 years.

Orthodontics is Not Just For Children!

Most adults have some form of bad bite or malocclusion which can result into worn, broken, lose, or crooked teeth and can be a big contributing factor in jaw related problems. Orthodontics appliances gently straighten teeth and improve jaw conditions which provides for healthier gums, more comfortable chewing and a more attractive smile. One study reported that 90% of those surveyed confessed that the most important asset in any social or work environment is an attractive smile. Dr. Moreau has had extensive training in the use of fixed (braces) or removable orthodontic appliances (clear aligners) and orthodontics has always been an integral part of his general and cosmetic dental practice for years.

Orthodontic Appliances and types

There are two types of orthodontic appliances: fixed (braces) or removable appliances which can either be clear aligners or a combination of wire and acrylic. Today there are two main types of orthodontic treatment; short term treatment or comprehensive treatment and are determined by the dental situation and the desires of the patient. The cost for orthodontic treatment will vary depending on the type of appliance and treatment, but can range from $1200 to $5500. The length of treatment is also dependent on the situation and goals of treatment, but may range for 6mon to 2 years.

Types of orthodontic appliances routinely used are:

  • Six Month Smiles (short term orthodontics) using clear braces
  • Insignia Braces (comprehensive orthodontics) using clear and/or metal braces
  • Invisalign Express (short term limited orthodontics)
  • Invisalign Teen (adolescent comprehensive orthodontics)
  • Invisalign (comprehensive orthodontics)

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Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

Oftentimes, adult orthodontic treatment must be complimented with some aspect of cosmetic dentistry in order to create the ‘wow’ factor of a smile, since orthodontics alone sometimes might not be able to deliver the most beautiful smile. Dr. Moreau’s ability to deliver first rate orthodontic and cosmetic treatment under one roof for his patients is another way that Saratoga Smile Care respects our patient’s busy life schedule.

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