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Cosmetic Dentures

Dr. Moreau designs partial and complete dentures in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. He uses the beautiful, life-like teeth on the finest fracture resistant denture base material available.

Implant-Supported Cosmetic Dentures

With any type of denture, rocking and slippage can be a problem for many people. Accurately designed and fitted dentures can minimize or eliminate this problem most of the time, but the best solution would to incorporate implants in the design. With the placement of small titanium posts into jaw bone your denture will feel more secure and comfortable.

Implant- supported dentures can be designed so as to eliminate your upper denture covering the entire roof of your mouth; thereby improving your ability to enjoy and taste your food; improve your speaking; eliminate gagging; and feel confident in chewing anything!

Metal-Free Partial Dentures

Saratoga Smile Care offers metal-free flexible partial dentures for a more natural metal free clasp appearance. This type of denture is considered by many to be the most life-like and naturally looking denture available today. For additional support and retention, Dr. Moreau will suggest the placement of dental implants to stabilize the denture.

Immediate Dentures

Dentures that are placed at the time of tooth/teeth extraction are called temporary or ‘immediate dentures. When the extraction of teeth is performed, the bone under the gums tends to shrink. Once the bone shrinkage lessens, which takes about a year, a new and more exact fitting denture is recommended.

Dental implants can also be placed to deter the resorption of bone.

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