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Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease affects nearly 3 out of 4 adults and it is a serious health condition affecting the longevity of teeth, integrity of bone surrounding teeth as well as being linked to heart disease and diabetes. Routine visits to the dental office are important in preventing and managing the progress of this disease and from preventing other health issues to occur.

Types/stages of Gum Disease

A sticky biofilm or plaque is formed the surfaces of teeth on a daily basis and if not removed daily it becomes a place where bacteria collects and releases toxins causing inflammation of the gums. This is call gingivitis and is reversible with proper brushing and daily flossing along with routine professional cleanings. If this plaque is not removed on daily basis and routine cleanings are ignored, the plaque becomes hard and is called calculus. This calculus causes more insult to the gums and toxins begin to invade the supporting bone structure causing the gums to become inflamed, and breakdown of bone around the teeth. This stage of disease is referred to periodontal disease and there are levels of severity.

Signs of Gum Disease

The most common sign of gum disease is bleeding gums with gum pain or soreness present also. A persistent and chronic bad breath may also be a sign of gum disease.

Why Do Gums Bleed?

Besides the non removal of plaque on your teeth by proper brushing and daily flossing, other reasons why your gums might bleed include:

  • hormonal changes during pregnancy
  • too aggressive brushing and flossing
  • persist dry mouth
  • smoking
  • prolonged systemic ingestion of drugs
  • defective restorations
Gum Disease Treatment or Soft Tissue Management
Gum disease and bleeding gums should always be handled by your dentist and hygienist. The management of gum disease is referred to Soft Tissue Management and has many components that are selected specifically for each patient’s situation. It may include plaque removal; proper hygiene instruction; nutritional counseling; stress management; antibiotics; deep cleaning procedures and maybe surgery and bone grafting. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and seeking treatment for gum disease from your dentist is extremely important for your overall health.
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If you have sore, bleeding gums, lose teeth, gum pain, persist bad breath, you may have gum disease. Give Saratoga Springs’s dentist, Dr. Moreau a call for a consultation at 518-584-6768 or request an appointment online.

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