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Teeth Grinding

Up to one-half of today’s population either grinds or clenches their teeth. The effects of clenching or grinding of your teeth have very damaging effects to the teeth, supporting gums and bone along with jaw joint. Saratoga Springs’s dentist Dr. Moreau is able to prescribe a custom-made bite splint which offsets the symptoms associated with bruxing or clenching your teeth giving you relief from your stress to the teeth, gum, bone, muscles and jaw.

Bruxism,(teeth grinding) and clenching of the teeth affects millions of people and its effects can lead to serious damage to the teeth and supporting gums and bone. It can also lead to frequent headaches, as well as jaw and facial pain. Most people are unaware of grinding or clenching their teeth because it can be a subconscious habit occurring during the day or while sleeping.

Symptoms of Teeth Grinding and clenching

Most people are grinding their teeth while sleeping, without even realizing it unless they awake and notice that their teeth or muscles are sore. Upon routine examinations, Dr. Moreau will check for any signs of teeth grinding or damaged teeth. He is quick to point out to the patient that the following warning signs could be signs of bruxism or clenching. Signs such as:

  • worn, flattened, fractured, cracked or chipped teeth
  • earache
  • jaw pain, facial or shoulder pain
  • tightness of jaw muscles
  • limited jaw opening
  • gum recession
  • bone loss around teeth

Causes For Bruxism and Clenching

Stress is the most common cause for teeth grinding along with an unbalanced bite relationship. Patient who have stress induced teeth grinding or clenching may benefit from yoga, meditation, tai-chi, medication or other methods of stress relief. Some other causes that may lead to teeth grinding or clenching may be:

  • dysfunction of the jaw joint
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Anxiety or tension

Treatment for Teeth Grinding and Clenching

There are a number of treatment modalities for bruxism and clenching, but the most important step is to prevent the teeth from excessive contact with one another. This can be best accomplished with the use of a bite splint or occlusal splint. Dr. Moreau will also recommend the treatment to correct or management the problem which may also include correction of a bite imbalance (malocclusion), physical therapy, meditations, meditation, bio-feedback, acupuncture, orthodontics, etc.

Occlusal or Bite Splint

There are a number of bite splints on the market today but the one recommended by Dr. Moreau is the Comfort (Hard/Soft) Bite Splint because of its comfort and fit. It is a clear, thin and custom fitted device that fits over your upper or lower teeth during sleep, high periods of stress or even during waking hours. The splint is comprised of two layers: a soft inner layer that rests comfortably against the teeth and a clear hard outer layer that provides durability against the opposing teeth. In addition to relieving head, neck, jaw joint and shoulder pain, it protects the teeth and dental restorations. Dr. Moreau highly recommends this splint to protect the patient’s implants, veneers for multiple dental crowns. The Comfort Bite Splint is typically worn at night, though some patient do benefit while wearing it during the day particularly in high stress situations such as while driving.

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