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Snoring is more than a nuisance. In fact, by interrupting the sleep cycle it can negatively affect the personal, emotional, intellectual and physical well-being of one’s life. Dr. Moreau cares as much about your teeth and smile as he does about your well-being and he can offer you some simple solutions.

Snoring affects nearly 60 percent of the population and increases as people age 50 and older, prohibiting them from experiencing deep restorative sleep.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring happens when air has to travel through a narrow upper airway instead of a broad one. The rapidly moving air causes the relaxed soft tissue of the throat to vibrate causing the sound of snoring. A restricted upper airway can be caused by:

  • large tonsils
  • a long uvula (small piece of soft tissue that hangs from the soft palate over the back of the tongue)
  • flabby tissue in the throat can occur with age
  • nasal congestion
  • too relaxed tongue muscle that slips back into the back of the throat with each breath

Who is Affected By Snoring?

Studies have reported that there is an estimated 60% of men and 40% of women over the age of 40 are habitual snorers. Snoring is common in children between the ages of 2 and 7 particularly if they have chest infections, allergies, or enlarged tonsils. Snoring is even common with women during the later stages of pregnancy and people that are overweight.

What Are The Effects Of Snoring?

Snorers may experience fatigue, dry mouth, and morning headaches upon waking in the morning. They may experience a struggle for breath which can result in a spike blood pressure which can damage the walls of the carotid arteries, lead to hypertension and increase the risk of stroke. Sleep disturbance/deprivation can be distressing to sleep partners as well negatively impact the well-being and quality of life.

Snoring Treatment

The most common cause of narrowing of the upper airway is a tongue that is so relaxed that get sucked back into the throat causing snoring and sleep apnea. By keeping the tongue forward in the mouth, the airway can be stays open, air travels more slowly, reducing the throat tissue vibrations and thus reducing or stopping snoring. There are number of effective oral devices that effective in treating snoring by repositioning the lower jaw forward or by pulling the tongue forward.

Be proactive in improving the quality of your life and those around you with a consultation and let Dr. Moreau help you take those steps. Call 518-584-6768 or request an appointment online.

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