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Crowns and Bridges

1. When a tooth has a cavity or a pre-existing failing restoration that takes up to 60% or more of the tooth, a crown is indicated. The dentist will remove the decay and /or failing restoration and fill the hole with a build-up composite material. The dentist will then prepare the tooth and the build-up for the proper contour which will support the crown.

2. For a period of 5 years from the date of service, we will refund the cost of a crown or bridge due to breakage, misfit or decay at no cost to the patient. This does not include crowns or bridges where decay has reoccurred due to poor oral hygiene or diet, or when the crown/bridge is damaged due to accidents or abuse that could also break normal healthy teeth.*

3. This warranty is null and void is the patient does not maintain his/her 6-mon continuing care cleaning appointments.

* Porcelain crowns or bridges can chip and break. Gold crown will not chip or break. Approximately one (1) out of every 100 porcelains crowns chip and need replacement. If there are signs of occlusal disease- considerable wear on the teeth- the porcelain crowns will be subjected to unhealthy forces and will break under these conditions and the warranty will be null and void. Under such circumstances a nightguard will be needed

Under normal conditions, if your porcelain crown chips in the first five (5) years we will repair it or replace it at no charge. However, if it chips after the 5 year period, you will be charged the regular fee for a new crown.

This should be taken into consideration when choosing between porcelain or a gold crown.

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